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What is a pilonidal sinus?

An abnormal tunnel or hole in the cleft at the top of the buttocks is called the pilonidal sinus. This can contain hair, debris, and dirt and can cause severe pain.


  • hair puncture
  • wearing tight clothes
  • sitting for long hours
  • hormonal changes
  • obesity


  • pain while sitting or standing
  • pus or blood draining from the abscess, causing a foul odor
  • hair protruding from the lesion
  • blood from the opening of the skin
  • pain when sitting

Diagnosis of pilonidal sinus:

In Nagpur, our doctors are experts in diagnosing and treating your pilonidal sinus at an affordable cost. We can easily diagnose your pilonidal sinus and can recommend the best and safest possible treatment for you based on your health condition. Primarily, our doctors perform a physical examination of your anal to check for the presence of an abnormal hole or tunnel on the skin. Once it is identified, our doctors in Nagpur can evaluate and review your past and present medical and medication history to find out the leading cause of your pilonidal sinus.

Along with physical examination, our doctors in Nagpur can recommend blood tests, which can help our doctors to prescribe the appropriate medications and treatment. If you are planning to get diagnosed by top doctors in Nagpur, you can visit our hospital.

Treatment for pilonidal sinus:

Pilonidal sinus can cause repeated infections if left untreated. So, most doctors can recommend undergoing a surgical procedure called laser pilonidal sinus surgery. However, the selection of either surgery or home remedies will be decided based on the severity of the pilonidal sinus from which you are suffering.

If your pilonidal sinus is small or acute from which you are not suffering from its symptoms, our doctors in Nagpur can recommend taking a few medications and following some lifestyle and dietary changes.

Similarly, our doctors can suggest you undergoing laser surgery if you have severe or chronic pilonidal sinus. If you wish to get treated by the top and expert doctors in Nagpur, you can book an appointment with our doctors.

    Frequently asked questions [FAQ’s]:

    The cost of pilonidal sinus treatment in Nagpur can range between Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 85,000. But this is not an exact cost and can change from one patient to another due to multiple factors. If you wish to know the exact cost of pilonidal sinus treatment in Nagpur, you can contact a specific hospital coordinator from where you wish to get treated.

    Undergoing pilonidal sinus surgery in Nagpur is completely safe. At our hospital, we follow all safety measures to avoid the contamination of COVID-19, and all our doctors wear PPE kits and masks as well. We also use advanced USFDA approved medical tools, diagnostic devices, and surgical techniques to cure your pilonidal sinus with minimal or no risks, side effects, and complications.

    As a result of pilonidal sinus, one can suffer from severe pain, swelling, and pus or blood discharge from the anal area. If left untreated, it can lead to complications such as:

    • sinus cavities [empty space beneath the skin]
    • abscesses [pockets of infection]
    • recurrent anal infections

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    Undergo the safest pilonidal sinus treatment in Nagpur at our hospital by expert doctors

    If you are a resident of Nagpur and suffering from pilonidal sinus, you can visit our hospital, where we house several expert proctologists. All our doctors have the qualifications to treat and cure your pilonidal sinus with the help of the safest surgical techniques like laser pilonidal sinus surgery. Our doctors in Nagpur will treat and cure your pilonidal sinus with no or minimal risks and post-surgical complications.

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    Our hospitals in Nagpur have world-class infrastructure, which provides the safest environment to all patients. We are highly equipped with advanced and latest medical devices, tools, and instruments. If you plan to get cured of your pilonidal sinus in Nagpur from the safest hospital and top doctors, you can visit our hospital.

    Facilities and services provided by us in Nagpur:

    In Nagpur, we provide the best and painless pilonidal sinus surgery with facilities and services like:

    • Confidential consultation from the top and best proctologists
    • On the day of the surgery, free cab facility [transportation] to and from the hospital
    • Uses only USFDA approved surgical techniques
    • A ‘care buddy’ who helps you during your hospital stay
    • All insurances are covered
    • To ease the financial burden on patients, multiple payment options are available
    • 0% EMI is available
    • Free diet consultation before and after the surgery
    • Free follow-up session after the surgery

    Have a consultation with expert doctors in Nagpur

    In Nagpur, you can have a consultation with our top doctors who can easily diagnose and treat your pilonidal sinus at an affordable cost. To avail the consultation, you need to book an appointment by calling the phone number or filling the form that is on this page.

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    Patient Testimonials

    I have suffered a lot due to pilonidal sinus. And then I came across this hospital where all the doctors are highly experienced and cured my diseases with laser surgery. Laser surgery is the safest way to cure pilonidal sinus, and I’m healthy and very happy now. Kudos to the team.

    RahulSufferd with pilonidal sinus from past 8 months

    I’m so happy to get diagnosed and treated by the doctors at this hospital. Medical professionals are very caring and provided me with the best and suitable surgical option to eliminate my pilonidal sinus. The surgery is performed with utmost care, and now I’m free from pilonidal sinus. All thanks to the doctors, I recommend this hospital for any patient. Keep doing great.

    ShikarGot permanent relief from pilonidal sinus by the doctors at this hospital